ATMF California Dreamin'

2009 Palomino Morgan Filly


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ATMF Against the Wind x ATMF Illusion

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Most above photos by Valerie Cheatham

ATMF California Dreamin'

Big - Classy - Correct

"Brandy" is as friendly and smart as she is pretty. Loves attention. Sire and dam are Winners in hand. I've been breeding these lines for 40 years and this filly is exactly why! She is deep and solid with a strong square hip and perfect legs. Incredible chest and shoulder. Built to last. Has NEVER been sick, injured, or lame! She has the power, energy and trot desired in top competition for show or sport. Her extra wide shoulders and chest with short back are challenging to saddle so we use a treeless. Forgot to mention she is bright dappled gold with an amazing thick pure white mane and tail. Due to my hectic life we have started her several times and she is very willing and anxious to please. But progress takes more consistancy so she is still very green. She is easily excitable so needs calm and gentle handling. Her ground work is excellent, obedient to voice and totally respectful. Long lines & pulls poles quietly but needed help to hook so rode instead. But not much. She has never been naughty but she does get worried and naturally prefers to trot. She knows she's a Morgan! I've kept her to replace her wonderful dam but now I'm liking her calmer full sister, ATMF Rising Wind. So you may select your favorite and I'll keep the other. Price negotiable for a foal back contract! Her lovely mom is 21 so foals from this magic cross are limited.

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