ATMF Katmandu


Cremello Colt foaled 5-5-17

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(ATMF Against The Wind x ATMF Illusion)

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This incredible colt will found a dynasty! He is bred and built to win in hard core sports like open dressage and CDE where size, substance, structure, bone, intelligence, and trainability are paramount. Plus his superb quality, prettiness, and correct Morgan type can win in the Morgan arena. Fabulous western/cowboy dressage prospect! He is solidly line bred to pass on his powerful hip, deep shoulder and perfect legs. Special Bonus: He will produce 100% color too! A very lucky person may get to be this colt's best friend.

Finally, NEW PHOTOS on 3-28-18

Maturing beautifully! Wonderful colt! Even as a young stallion Cinco is docile, willing, obedient, happy, affectionate, easy going, confident and curious. With proper direction and kindness he should be fine for amatuers to stand and compete from home.



Photos at 6 weeks!

Photo at 1 week

Photo at 1 day old. How did he fit in mom?! He reminds me of an ivory figurine.

You may think he doesn't look real in these photos, so let me assure you, he doesn't look real in person either! I stare at him in wonder. I am enchanted by this baby. Plus he is super sweet, runs right up and to talk about his day and get scratched while he tolerates having sunscreen slathered on his cute pink nose. He loves to cuddle and wrap his neck around me just like his gentle giant dad. He is easy to teach and willing to please.


ATMF Katmandu


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