ATMF Dominique

2011 Dark Chestnut Morgan Mare


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Open Sport Prospect

ATMF Against the Wind x Wickedly Grand

2017: This beautiful mare is the big, bold, talented, smart, affectionate, and sporty Morgan mare ATMF exists to produce. She is the very rare Morgan sport prospect who is specifically bred for top open competition and not ruined with current show horse training fads. She is green but well started with classical dressage training that encourages stretching from the leg to the bit so has not been ruined with a heavy hand or side or draw reins. She is never ridden with a hollow back or behind vertical. At over 16 hands barefoot Dominique is a mini warmblood, but with all the wonderful attributes of a superbly bred Morgan she will dominate in tough open competition. I have selfishly been keeping her--dreaming I would overcome my health issues and together we would fulfill her amazing potential until she was old and grey. But every day she whinnies at me to take her for a ride and for too many months I don't. She wants to work, loves attention, is fun and easy to teach, remembers everything, and communicates well. Her fun personality makes you think and be your best self. She is eager to have a job and a real partner. I need to let her have that opportunity. Are you ready for a horse of her caliber?

2011: Dominique thinks humans could be really good playmates if they weren't so pitifully handicaped with only two stubby legs. So she'll give up trying to play with the party pooper humans and settle for a good scratch. She loves to play with her beach ball and anything else she can find. Note the plastic bag she chased her mom around the pasture with until she spied me with the camera, then dropped her toy to come trotting up to me. This is a very special filly!! What a great lifetime friend she will be. Plus her conformation is faultless, she is big and strong, and really smart. This filly will challenge you to be your very best because you'll know she deserves nothing less and will give you back more than you asked. If you say please and thank you.

Spring 2016

May 2015 - Lovely 4 yr mare

6-7-2013 -Butt high 2yr already over 15 hands (Casey is 5'10")

2011- photos at seven weeks old




Troublemaker in the pasture


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ATMF Dominique

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