ATMF Jetstream

Congratulations Heather Satran on purchasing your 2nd palomino ATMF colt!!

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2017 Golden dappled palomino colt

ATMF Against the Wind x Mysterious Luv of Monarch

Photos April 14, 2018 at 11 months old.

Photo June 15, 2017 at 30 days old.


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ATMF Jetstream

Elegant - Correct - Stallion Quality

ATMF believes in the 2% theory where only 2 out a hundred (or even less) colts should be considered for breeding. This fine colt is one of those. If we were younger we would keep him to potentially replace his stunning sire! He has the refined prettiness Morgan judges prefer without sacrificing correct straight and square Morgan type and conformation. His lovely long neck is PROPERLY set well back over his deep shoulder-- arching beautifully right out of his short strong back. His robust hindquarter completes his beautifully balanced conformation with the imperative hip-stifle-hock-fetlock-hoof relationships that are too often undervalued in show Morgans. Fortunately many important bloodlines achieved beautifully elegant vertical necks without sacrificing its integral function of balancing the horse, or diminishing vital substance and power behind. We selected those well proven lines to build the strong pedigree of this terrific colt. He should breed true on a variety of mares. And oh yes, Jet will be the VERY rare deep golden chocolate palomino color currently framing his eyes. Like his sire, Jet will be a very striking and unique stallion!

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