ATMF Amulet

16 hand 2006 Chestnut Morgan Gelding


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ATMF Amulet

A really nice gentleman

Bred for generations to be competitive in dressage, eventing, or combined driving. Amulet is a big, powerful, talented, forward athlete with a solid mind and body. Properly raised from foal to 28 months running and playing in a 20 acre pasture in E. Washington with a small herd. Then until June in a 1 acre paddock with running buddy. Now lives in large hillside paddock where he loves to jump the ditches. He has developed nicely and should have excellent bone, heart, lungs and work ethic. Imprinted and handled properly, he is self confident, friendly, happy, playful, and learns quickly. He loads, clips, bathes, ties, longes, bridles and saddles through positive reinforcement. My part as breeder is done. Now Amulet is ready to start under saddle your way and become a serious competitor. Guaranteed to measure within ½ inch of 16 hands barefoot. Warmblood size with Morgan style. Two full brothers are champion sport horses. As are a dozen more by his direct sire, ATMF Superstition.

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