ATMF Jason Lee

Higuera Sondarling x WM Chantilly Lace

1985 Chestnut

Made His Mark

Jason Lee may have only sired 9 registered Morgans but he left a big legacy. Not only did he sire the incomparable and spectacular dressage champion, ATMF Flashdance, but also three great broodmares, and five beautiful well loved pleasure horses. I can't remember which shows and classes and championships Jason won but that doesn't really matter now. He earned a big family of people who loved him and his top quality get.

Personal note: Jason Lee was our first foal born in Oregon. He was everything I hoped for when I purchased the lovely in hand champion WM Chantilly Lace (San De Glenn R x Simonlee) for Sondarling. I wish I had used him more. I loved his foals but he was competing with his sire and ATMF Superstition for the few mares that weren't his sisters. When he sired the tremendous ATMF Flashdance, who was unregisterable in 1991 as a high white splash palomino, I was heartbroken to feel forced to sell the wonderful colt. I soon decided three stallions were too many and he would get a better home as a gelding. For which he never forgave me or the vet. Honest! He held that grudge for years. Fortunately he loved his next two wonderful ladies, Kelsey Calabria and Jaime Hardy. The Hardy family gave Jason and his super sweet full brother, ATMF Sondancer (a dressage champion), a wonderful life well into their 30's. I still have his remarkable son, ATMF Flashdance, who still looks great and rides happily.


ATMF Flashdance 1991 splash palomino (ATMF Jason Lee x WM Chantilly Lace)

ATMF Majorette (ATMF Jason Lee x ATMF Superlative)

Pictured with RWF Maestro by Queen's Romeo*

ATMF Majorette was the perfect example of what Jason Lee brought to the genepool and why I should have used him more. Plus her dam was my favorite broodmare, ATMF Superlative (Figure's Courageous X MacKinnon's Embrin). Majorette was a big lovely smooth bodied mare with style and attitude. She was a wonderful broodmare who produced four great show geldings by the beautiful Salem Command for Mike & Sara Mooney, before going to Ridgewood and foaling RWF Maetoso by Queen’s Romeo, and then producing her last foal in 2012, ES Master And Commander by Master Suite for Dawn Karkoski. He is last listed as a stallion for Kenny Miller in KY. Maybe he would cross on my Against The Wind mares? Majorette’s only filly, FRF Curtain Call (f-2000 by Serenity Masterpiece) was bred by Kurt & Teri Rumens and has already produced eight daughters and a colt! Four fillies sport the FRF prefix: two by Mizrahi and two by Pondview Tresbien, and a filly for Playmore by MSV Shooting Star. She has since been producing beautifully for Jonalyn Gwinup & Jacqueline Mills by a variety of stallions including Minion Milinium,The Ignitor and Lucky As Me.

*I copied this pretty picture from Ridgwood's fabulous website. Ridgewood If I provide this link maybe they'll send me more?

Somewhere I have more pictures for Jason's page but I'd really appreciate contributions. Jason earned his place in Morgan history. And people need to know why his name is on their beautiful horse's pedigree.