ATMF Rising Wind

2016 Palomino Morgan Filly


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Sweet, Beautiful, Easy

ATMF Against the Wind x ATMF Illusion

Photos at 11 months!

Photo 6-30-2016

Photo at 10 days

Sound asleep in my lap at 3 HOURS old. Who's imprinting whom?


Best Friend

This big strong filly is my new sweetheart. I finally let go of ATMF Celebration in hopes this lovely filly might be able to replace her. High hopes since Celebration is one of my most cherished mares of all time! This quiet filly has that same easygoing willingness and gentle nature I've grown to require. She is very affectionate, loves hugs, and talks a storm. She also has the depth, power, talent, and size to successfully compete in open dressage and CDE. Even Morgan shows if I desire. Plus she is "terminally pretty" and represents our program well. She should mature about 16 hands like her dad and sisters. Her wonderfully deep hip, broad shoulder, and strong straight legs will get us far--and back--for many years. I dream of trail riding her into the forest for a week.


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